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Property and Villas for sale in Denia Spain

What to expect when looking for property and Villas for sale in Denia

About Denia

The sun is said to shine here 320 days a year. Denia is next to the Montgo Mountain - said to resemble a sleeping elephant. The mountain is certainly spectacular and offers a number of walking routes. Discovering Denia is a delight and it's full of life and Mediterranean "joie de vivre".In Denia are twenty kilometres of seafront for all tastes. Just relax and enjoy the sun. When it gets too hot, all you have to do is slip into the cool clear waters of the Mediterranean. Start your search for apartments for sale in Denia if you are looking for that little getaway or villas and property for sale in Denia Spain for that family home.

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Attractions and what you will get when looking to buy villas for sale in Denia?

To the north there are the beautiful sandy beaches which are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and walking along the shore. They all have the required services and the EC blue flag for clean seas. To the south come the rocky coves which appreciators of nature are sure to marvel at. In these crisp, clear waters you can swim, dive, fish or scuba dive.

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The town of Denia is large with a real Spanish feel. The main street in Denia has loads of cafes and designer shops. It's almost like being in a big city. The facilities are excellent - a modern hospital, spas and two high quality golf courses in La Sella and Oliva Nova

Denia Castle

property for sale in in deniaAnother significant landmark in Denia is the old 16th-century castle. Right in the middle of Denia on the hill which gives spectacular views. Other places of interest in the town include churches, monuments and parks and there are impressive sculptures in most of the plazas. Denia has a large and cosmopolitan port and a large marina. You can take a boat or ferry from Denia to the Balearic Islands including Ibiza and Formentera. Also nearby is the train station and there is a scenic train that runs along the coast to Calpe and back. Denia is close to the A7 motorway and is about midway between Alicante airport and Valencia airport - travel time approx. one hour 15 minutes to each. Amazing atmosphere and a great place to start looking for a property for sale in Denia Spain.

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apartment for sale in deniaAs in most western countries the education system in this region consists of either public (free) or private education. It is law in Spain for children to attend School from the age of 6 – 16 years old .There are Public schools in most towns and a limited number of private Spanish schools. There are also several international schools which are all private. Families looking to relocate to this sunny region following buying a property have a range of options to choose from. Dénia is considered as one of the municipalities with the most holidays in all Spain. Every season of the year there are holiday festivities associated with neighbourhoods, streets or a complete town , so that fortunately, it is very difficult to visit Dénia and not be surprised with a religious or festive celebration. They accommodate all types of audiences from families to the " night life” scene. Dénia offers also over 2000 mooring berths in 4 Ports! Want to start your search for apartments for sale in Denia?

villa for sale in denia spain

Els Magazinos Denia

attractions to eat when looking for property for sale in denia

Brand new in 2019 and a must visit for everybody. Els Magazinos offers 20 gastronomic food stalls where you can flavour a variety of street food versions from your favourite local Denia restaurants. Not only food is an option, you have plenty of alcoholic and soft drinks to choose from. Whether you like your craft beers or white wine, if its a Thai curry or some traditional Spanish tapas, Els Magazinos has you covered. You’ll have the option of a rooftop bar with Panoramic views that overlook the sea and the Denia Castle, it's a truly perfect place to meet up and get your evening started. With everything in such close proximity, its a case of choose your dish, choose your drink and enjoy your evening.

La Sella Golf and Spa

golf resorts near villas for sale in denia

La Sella Golf Resort is located just a short 10 minute drive from the centre of Denia. Designed by double Masters winner José María Olazábal, it boast 27 holes and is known across the world for its perfect playing conditions all year around. It is a wide and varied course, surrounded by the Natural Park of El Montgó. Its design is appropriate for all levels of players. It is based in a very exclusive location and is neighboured luxurious villas, apartments and the 5 star Marriot Hotel, almost all with a panoramic view of the sea. To find out more about La Sella Golf and Spa, clickhere

Beaches in Denia

Villa for sale Denia

When purchasing property for sale in Denia, be rest assured that the golden sandy beaches will never be far away. With up to 20km of coastline, Denia has the perfect beaches for every need. The coastline is divided into two main stretches and each part accompanied by the breathtakingly turquoiseMediterranean Sea. Las Rotas is located to the south of the town centre and Las Marinas is located to the north.

Las Rotas is stunning and is extremely popular with dog walkers and walkers in general. It has more of a rugged coastline and is littered with beautiful seafood restaurants with picturesque views. It is also an area that is popular for snorkelling and diving due to its abundance of interesting coves. There are both villas and apartments for sale in Denia that have all of this within walking distance.

If you prefer golden and sandy beaches then Las Marinas is the place for you. These beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and are popular with young families due to the water levels being relatively shallow and safe for paddling. When purchasing property in Denia, you will be lucky to have this area as your playground and with dozens of restaurants nearby by offering locally caught produce. The perfect place to take a break from building sandcastles!

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What you can expect from villas for sale in Denia

Villas for sale in Denia

When you’re looking for a villa in Denia, you can expect to find villas available with sea views and/or of the looming Montgo and both sunrise and sunset. You’ll often have the option of your own pool and the beach always nearby if you fancy a change. The prices of villas for sale in Denia can vary from 125,000 to 400,000 but you will find luxury whatever your price range.

Our property for sale in Denia are in the perfect location, you will always be close to the supermarket, beaches, restaurants and bars. Whether you’re a family or buying a property by yourself, you will be situated perfectly to start embracing the culture and local life.

By owning property in Denia, you are sure to have atmosphere and a luxury lifestyle all year around due to Denia being a working town. This means that it isn't the type of town that closes down for the winter so the majority of your new favourite bars and restaurants will remain open throughout the year.

Apartments for sale in Denia

Apartments for sale in Denia

When looking for apartments for sale in denia, you will find the perfect combination of character and luxury. Whether you are looking for apartments for sale that are walking distance to the beach or walking distance to the golf course, at MNM we will find the perfect apartment in Denia for you.

Prices for apartments for sale in Denia can vary from 100,000 to 500,000 but no matter what your budget is, in Denia you are always guaranteed charm, great location and amazing atmosphere. There is a variety of apartments in Denia. Some apartments may be on the ground floor or higher up. Some may have a communal pool and garden area or others will have their own pool.

By owning an apartment in Denia, you will never be far away from a breathtaking view. The famous Montgo seems to change appearance every time you see it depending on where you are and what the weather is like. The view from the beach is one you will never get tired of with nothing between you and the horizon apart from a few boats heading into the local port. Once you get closer into the town centre, the quaint side streets show off the character and history of the town.

Denia Fiestas

Villa in DeniaWhen you buy a house in Denia and have the pleasure of living there, be rest assured that the local community know how to throw a fiesta. Every season of the year is celebrated throughout the town with holiday festivities. Some celebrations will be for certain neighborhoods or areas, with the most popular festivities being celebrated across the whole town. The beauty of the fiestas in Denia is that the appeal to every audience from young families to late night party seekers. So when looking for villas for sale in Denia, wherever the location, you will find yourself within walking distance to celebrate these fiestas.

For the biggest celebrations, the main dates to look out for are from the 15th to the 19th of March for ‘Fallas’, the 6th to the 14th of July for ‘Fiesta Major’ and from the 13th to the 16th of August for ‘Moor and Christians’. These dates can vary slightly year after year but they are always celebrated around a similar time. There are plenty more fiestas celebrated across the town, to read about them in more detail, see our blog on the ‘Denia Fiestas’here.

Port of Denia

apartment for sale deniaThe Port of Denia is breathtaking, it is functional as well as somewhere to relax and unwind. When you buy a villa in Denia you are a stones throw away from a strolling past huge yachts, quaint bars and restaurants for everyone's tastes. As well as, local fishing port that supplies the majority of local restaurants and Barrio de los Pescadores, also called Baix la Mar, characterised by its humble small cottages where it is a pleasure to wander and get lost in its narrow streets and squares, located just behind the harbour.

Located in the port you also have the option of a ferry connection to the Balearic Islands, this includes, Formentera, Palma, Ibiza and San Antonio. The crossing takes approximately 8 hours for the longest journey to Palma and a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Formentera and Ibiza. Hundreds of ships depart this port every summer with a mixture of people looking to relax, party or sight see.

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