Beaches in Denia

Las Rotas:

The beach area known as Las Rotas covers the southern part of the coast of Denia. With the exception of Marineta Cassiana, the first beach in this part of the port, the others stand out due to their rocky landscapes and transparent coves, giving this beach area a unique charm in the city.

1. Marineta Cassiana Beach is located in the southern part of Denia, closest to the city centre. It is a sandy beach that has received the Blue Flag award several times for the quality of its waters and the services it offers to its users. It provides observation and lifeguard services, as well as accessible bathrooms.
2. El Trampolí Beach, located in the Les Rotes area of Denia, is a rocky beach that stretches for approximately one kilometre. It gets its name from a wooden diving board installed on one of the rocks, which is still used by bathers visiting this beach.
3. Punta Negra Beach is located 2.1 km further along the Les Rotes area. It is a rocky cove, about 1400 metres long, accessed through the Les Rotes promenade. Lifeguards supervise the area during the day.
4. Les Arenetes Beach is a rocky cove in the Les Rotes region. Also known as "Fin de les Rotes," it offers one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and Cape San Antonio to be seen from Denia.
5. La Cala (Nudist Beach) is a rocky cove, 100 to 180 metres long and a bit of a walk to access. It is a secluded beach with few visitors and can only be reached on foot or by sea.

Las Marinas:

The beach area known as Las Marinas or Les Marines in Denia is located to the north of the city. It is the widest coastal area in the municipality and consists mostly of sandy beaches. This area is home to numerous beaches, such as:

1. Punta del Raset Beach, located beyond the port area and the closest beach to the urban area. With a length of 600 metres and an average width of 75 metres, it is one of the widest beaches in the city. It offers surveillance services, adapted bathing facilities for people with reduced mobility, and parks and sports areas. In 2021, it was also awarded the Blue Flag, in recognition of the quality of the beach and its services.
2. Les Albaranes Beach is ideal if you're looking for a family-friendly sandy beach. It has a spacious sandy area and sports facilities for playing volleyball or soccer. Les Albaranes Beach also has added landscape value due to the sand dunes visible in the area, which are being preserved by public entities through environmental programmes.
3. Les Bovetes Beach, one of the largest and most frequented beaches along the coast of Denia, can be found as we head north. It has been awarded the Blue Flag and stretches for about 1,800 metres. It is also accessible to people with different mobilities.
4.Els Molins Beach extends for 2.7 kilometres, starting at Kilometre pole 5.4 on the Les Marines road. Its distance from the city centre combined with its spaciousness makes it less crowded. Els Molins Beach also holds the Blue Flag award, certifying the quality of its waters and services.
5. L'Almadrava Beach in Denia stretches between Kilometre poles 7.8 and 10.8 of the Les Marines beach area, in the northern part of Denia. The main attraction of this beach is its clear and clean waters. You will experience pure tranquillity on this gravel and sandy beach as it is usually not very crowded.
6. Les Deveses Beach is the last one we arrive at. With almost 3 kilometres, it is the widest sandy beach in the municipality of Denia. It is the furthest from the urban area, located at Kilometre pole10.8 on the Les Marines road, and part of its charm lies in the fact that it’s so unspoiled. It is popular among athletes practising kitesurfing and windsurfing due to its favourable weather conditions for these sports.