Now is the time to invest... A quick look at the range of houses on the Costa Blanca?

The world will never be the same again after Covid-19 and that goes for the housing market too. The number of transactions have fallen so drastically that home-owners are more than willing to negotiate the price anew, preferring to have liquid assets rather than property. So is this the ultimate moment with the best investment opportunities you've been waiting for? Read on and see why it's so favourable in 2020 to have money to invest. 

The interest rate has never been this low

Let's sketch an imaginary situation to illustrate how you can turn this challenging time into the most successful time of your life. Imagine: Mary and Joe have inherited a large sum of money and they've put it straight into the bank. Money in the bank is really unprofitable at the moment. Yes, the financial markets are fluctuating, but the interest rate remains low. In other words: the lives of Mary and Joe go on exactly as they did before. They keep working as though nothing has changed. 

Time passes and the world market starts to recover. Any unique opportunities which were within reach during the crisis have disappeared. After ten years, Mary and Joe have exactly the same amount of money in their bank account and to make matters worse, inflation has decreased its value. The house that they might have owned is no longer within their budget. Having a lot of unprofitable money in the bank can even mean that you have to pay negative interest and watch your capital actually shrinking. 

People who dare are rewarded

Let's say that Mary, the more daring of the two, takes the lead. She convinces Joe to dare to invest the money they inherited. The fact is that Mary has discovered that her dream house on the Costa Blanca is more within their reach than ever. After the recession, the housing market was the sector hardest hit by Covid-19. The prices fell dramatically. Joe is still hesitant but he loves Mary and sees the twinkle in her eye. They make the decision on time to invest and become owners of the house Mary has always dreamed of. So to dare is to be rewarded. 

The prices only fall for a limited time

The message in the story of Mary and Joe is that the window of opportunity created by the Covid-19 crisis won't always be open. Anyone who hesitates now will be the loser later. When the market starts to recover and demand increases, the prices will rise accordingly. That's why it's important to make use of this unique moment in the history of the world economy. And the one with the money is the one who has the power to negotiate the price.

The time is 'NOW'.

Mary was able to make that clear to Bas. In the end, he was the one who signed the purchase agreement, and the price was significantly lower than it would normally be. So why did Mary tell Joe this? The answer is quite simple: because it's the reality. Anyone lucky enough to be young and have the money to do so will still be glad, years later, that they dared to invest. 

That's right; the house you can buy today for a fraction of the actual value will regain its original value when the storm has subsided. And just as Mary and Bas, you will be the owner of a fantastic house which you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Or sell for a significantly higher price if you prefer. 

The conclusion

Being young and not being daring is almost a cosmic contradiction. If you're lucky enough to have the means to invest in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, grab your opportunity now. And don't forget: the time really is now. This unique opportunity will only be for a limited time.