You want the perfect weather? Why not try the Costa Blanca?


For many people, the Costa Blanca is the most beautiful place in Spain. Perhaps it’s because of all those old and beautiful villages or because of the world's most beautiful beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. But this magical place on earth offers even more than that: the perfect weather forms the icing on the cake.

The Weather

The average temperature varies around 18° Celsius from winter to summer. In January and February, the expected average lies between 12 and 14° Celsius. In July, the sun shines more often and more strongly and the minimum average temperature lies between 24 and 26° Celsius, while temperatures in summer can go as high up as 38 or 40° Celsius. You might think ‘that’s a bit too hot for me’ but remember that the bluest sea is waiting for you to dive into.


The weather on the Costa Blanca is not only warm, but mostly sunny as well. There is little rainfall. With an average of 300 ml per year, the streets of these picturesque villages only get wet occasionally. Most rain falls during the winter months. So, it’s mostly many sunny days for beach and diving trips with the whole family here.


Moving to this little paradise could be the turning point in your life that you may have been dreaming of for ages. Happiness is a daily good, but it’s also the logical consequence if you dare to take risks and make changes. There are still great opportunities to buy the house of your dreams. A better life is possible. The time to make an investment in this has come. Act quickly, before the world discovers this hidden treasure in the most beautiful part of Europe!