Top tips on becoming part of the local community when moving to Spain

Top tips on becoming part of the local community when moving to Spain

Get yourself out there!

It may sound simple but just being out and about is essential when moving to a new area. It is the best way to discover new places and to meet new people. You get to see how your new home works and find other people in the community who have similar things in common. Make sure you look approachable and remember to smile at people. You never know, you could be called over to join a game of Volleyball on the beach, make sure you have been practising!


The variety of sports available to take part in here in Spain is outstanding; the amazing climate helps! There is a sport for everyone and getting involved is a great way to meet friends and socialise. Even if it means having to make the first step by getting down to the local sport of your choice and getting a game, you won’t regret it! If you’re not into sports yet, then don’t be afraid to take up a new hobby. You can meet friendly new people and have some memorable experiences by stepping out of your comfort zone. Our top tip is to check out Padel, which can be played by all ages.


If you aren't already a Spanish speaker then it is a great idea to brush up on some Spanish skills before you get here. There are all sorts of fun ways to learn the basics these days, from interactive language apps on your smartphone to educational podcasts to accompany you on your commute to work whilst you dream of a new life in Spain. If you have the time, individual and group lessons are fantastic too and really help with the conversational side of the learning the language. This all leaves you in great shape for your move and helps make the little things like asking for a bag in the supermarket seem a lot less daunting, allowing you to focus on enjoying the lifestyle and meeting the locals.

Be there to help

A satisfying way to integrate yourself into the local community is to offer a helping hand. Even if its something as small as holding the door for somebody or letting a fellow local go before you in a queue, people always remember a friendly face and will be more inclined to strike up a conversation with you the next time your paths cross. Finding a local volunteer group with a cause you can be passionate about is a great way to get involved with fundraisers around the community


No matter where you find yourself living in Spain, I can guarantee that you will be able to find yourself some local dance classes. Music and dance is a huge part of Spanish culture and it is a great way to keep fit, have fun but most importantly meet new people. A lot of classes tend to socialise afterwards as well which only adds to the experience. There is plenty of dances to take your pick from. Why not start with flamenco and end with bachata and see if you find your rhythm in between?

Embrace the culture

Every country has a different culture but Spain has to be the most vibrant and enjoyable to be a part of. Get yourself down to your local Fiestas, I’m not exaggerating when I say that the whole town will be there! Become a regular in your nearby Cafe and enjoy a delightful coffee whilst watching the world go by and enjoy the complimentary biscuit that comes with it. Understand that your evening meal may start a bit later and the drinks may go on until the early hours but be a part of it, enjoy every aspect of it and you won’t regret it!


These are all great ways to help start you on your journey in becoming part of the community in Spain. The more you see yourself as part of the community, the easier it will be and you’ll be settled in before you know it! Want to know more about buying in Spain and the local areas, click here: Moraira,Denia,Javea.