The Costa Blanca, a Wonderland in Every Season. What Can You Do There in the Fall?

Although the ocean along the Costa Blanca takes centre stage every year during summer and spring, this unique location has plenty more to offer. Let us introduce you to the best locations for discovering a new version of this paradise on Earth wearing a sweater instead of a bathing suit.

Are you ready to be amazed by the Costa Blanca’s true natural beauty in the colder months of the year? Keep reading and let us show you more! Let’s go!

Serra de Mariola Natural Park

From the archeological remains ranging from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages right through to the natural beauty of its rocky formations, this park has it all. Its natural subterranean aquifers are also the source of multiple springs and fountains that support the growth of lush vegetation wherever you look.

During your time in the park, you may encounter a plethora of animals such as wild cats, martens, wild boars, and rabbits.

Font Roja Natural Park 

If you want to explore some traditional architecture with true gems like the Nevera Coloma during your time on the Costa Blanca, this park is a must. Located just next door to the Serra de Mariola, the two parks share similar fauna and flora; you can find holm oak forests, honeysuckle, and ivy in abundance. What’s more, the natural perfume of the trees and flowers is a true treat for your senses.

Marjal de Pego-Oliva Natural Park

Because the water in this natural park is of such a high quality, species like the nenuphar, small prawns (called gambas), and European tortoises are easy to spot. The park also features a minimalistic and rustic design, which makes the views even more breathtaking.

Penyal d’Ifac

This impressive limestone outcrop emerges triumphantly from the water and is the main symbol of the town of Calpe. Although not much vegetation grows on it, it is possible to spot a plethora of bird species such as the peregrine falcon. Another unique spectacle is observing the life of the gull colonies, which take advantage of the wind protection provided by the rock when nesting in the area.

Serra Gelada Natural Park

The views of the Mediterranean Sea from this natural park are quite possibly the most breathtaking the Costa Blanca has to offer. Furthermore, the fact that the park is comprised of 80% water and 20% land allows you to admire the bluest of blue waters after a nice walk to the peak of the Alt del Governador. The Mediterranean forest and a one-of-a-kind fossil dune also make a visit to this park an absolute must.

Montgó Natural Park

The Montgó mountain is one of the region’s most prominent landmarks. Along the known trails leading up and down its slopes, you can easily spot local wildlife and vegetation, including many different bird species. The natural pine forests and archeological sites also make the park a wonderful attraction for the entire family.

La Mata-Torrevieja Natural Park

If you have never been to a salt lake before, this park will surprise you like nothing else on this list. Seeing a salt lake surrounded by stunning Mediterranean landscapes and species is a one-of-a-kind experience for any traveller.

Las Salinas de Santa Pola Natural Park

Watching the flamingos in action in this park is like something out of a movie. They stop at the man-made salt lakes on their migratory route and embellish the landscape like few other species on Earth. 

El Fondo Natural Park

This natural park, which started as a lagoon to irrigate the local landscape, provides a shelter for many endangered species in a state of recovery. Visiting it is your chance to see some fine specimens of teals and malvasias (an indigenous duck) that you won’t find anywhere else.


Visiting the Costa Blanca at any time of the year is a true treat for all the senses. During the summer, you can take advantage of the region’s water activities and vibrant nightlife. During the colder months, tighten up your shoes, carry some water, and follow our guide above to discover the region’s hidden gems.

Enjoy your trail walking adventures!