Moraira and its legendary regatta


Moraira is not only a magical place with white sandy beaches and deep blue Mediterranean water. It also hosts an annual world-famous regatta: the 300 miles of Moraira. This regatta has been held in this region since 2001. Locals and tourists from all over the world are proud of it and love being part of it. Continue reading to learn more about this legendary sailing race and this little paradise where events take place every year. Perhaps now is the time to trade in urban smog for a soft Mediterranean breeze.

The legendary regatta

2020 is the nineteenth consecutive year in which this 300-mile A3 Moraira regatta will be held. It’s a global event and a huge tourist attraction but also a special family event for the locals. For almost two decades now, this regatta has been considered one of the most important sailing events in the Mediterranean. It’s on the agenda of all sailors in the world. The 25 to 30 participating ships know that the whole world is watching them. The anchor lifts on Monday 22 January, and the fastest ship will be the winner, while the locals celebrate with regional wines and dishes.

Moraira, land of miracles

Moraira is one of the most beautiful towns in the region, with great beaches and beautiful old architecture. It’s a real tourist town with a brand new, ultra-modern marina and breath-taking sights.


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