Bull Fights in Denia

Have you heard of Els Bous a la Mar? It's a festival declared to be of ‘National Tourist Interest’ in Denia. It's one of the most famous celebrations in this Spanish city and involves one of the oldest 

traditions in Spain which is also the biggest attraction during this festival in Denia in July.

When and where do these celebrations take place? 

It's during the festival of the Most Holy Blood that the Denia bulls are highly celebrated. This is the week when patron saint festivities in the municipality take place. This awesome festival is always at the beginning of July, somewhere in the week of the Day of the Most Holy Blood. 

In 2022, the festival of Els Bous a la Mar will take place from July 9 (Saturday) to July 17 (Sunday). 

Els Bous a la Mar is held in the port of Denia, in a semi-circular arena near the fish market. The enclosure is prepared especially for this festival.

Prices for the festival

If you wish to attend this festival, it’s good to know that tickets are cheaper during the morning sessions and more expensive for the afternoon and evening sessions.

If you are booking the morning show, it will cost you only 1 euro. The afternoon show can cost you anywhere between 3 to 5 Euros. 

The reason the tickets are slightly more expensive in the afternoon is that more people want to attend the show at that time. 

You can purchase the tickets from the box office at the square. This box office only opens an hour before the show starts and remains closed for the rest of the time.

If you are attending the show in 2022, the prices are as follows:

  • 5 euros for general admission in the afternoon
  • 3 euros as a late ticket for senior citizens and children
  • 1 euro for morning entrance

A brief history of the festival

If we are to believe the works of Roc Chabàs, a historian, the origin of this festival can be traced back to 1749. The bulls came from Marina Alta’s capital somewhere in October 1749.

That being said, we can’t yet take his words at their face value. There are documents that date back to the 17th century proving the existence of bullfights back in those days as well.

Although bullfights in ancient days happened mainly in the community near the municipality itself and far away from the sea. 

Water became the differentiating factor of the festival only after the port dock had been built and the square was opened. Back in the second decade of the 20th century, these bullfights were a part of the Sant Pere festivals.


The festival has been in existence for almost a century now and not much has changed about it, except that perhaps it has become more inclusive. In its very essence, Els Bous a la Mar has not changed at all - it’s still the same.

That being said, this festival has become extremely important from the perspective of tourism and ‘tourist interest’. That’s right, Els Bous a la Mar is now a ‘National Tourist Interest’ that attracts hundreds and sometimes thousands of tourists from around the whole world. 

This festival is not only a piece of cultural heritage but also one of the oldest festivals that still survives and represents the city. What’s perhaps a little sad, though, is the fact that despite being a festival of national interest since 1993, somehow, its relevance and importance have decreased over time.